How to Make Money from Your Own Blog

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A great way to starting make money online by writing content for blog some bucks. You can earn from advertisement, affiliated programs, sponsorship, or even sell things on blog. More and more people are now finding it as one the best media toearn extra few dollars with this part time writing job. Many people have healthy earning each month from this media.

How It Adds Your Credibility In The Market

  • It lets reader know you, and your interest.
  • It is important to build up relationship for business purpose in future.
  • It also gives you a platform to show your creativity or you voice can be heard above the mass and media.

Direct Income from Blogs

WordPress and Blogger is example of such fine blogs where you can earn money through adsense. In fact you can sell your photographs too in wordpress. Also read: How to Make Money Online By Clicking Ads

Rely on Ads

You can experiment with your ad space on your blog. Some different advertising option includes

Contextual Ads

It is a very common way of earning. It includes programs like Google Adsense and YNP which scans your contents and after understanding what it is all about attempt to put text and image relevant ad to your blog. It is very simple and requires pasting codes into the blog templates.

Contextual ad is best for blogs on one particular topic especially if it has products or service related to it. The payment is per click basis. This ad doesn’t go well with general type blogs which has various topics discussed or one sided topic. It confuses adsense. There are many ad system which pays you on per click.Chitika eMiniMalls is mostly visited for per click purpose. They are not contextual like ad sense.

Avoid Ads

Avoid ads which can irritate readers and lower your traffics. Popups ads that flies around the entire screen can give a bad taste, though you can make more money with these.

Impression Ads

An impression ad includes paying a small amount of money when the viewers click on the advertisement. There amount varies but generally fraction of a cent. Sites like fast click, offers you impression ads on your blogs, but all you need is to pull traffic.

Text Ads

It is a popular way to sell ads with just a link. It does not take much space and you can control over the types of ads you want to allow or reject. One such great example is Ad bright. You can set your add and also price. Sites include, and adzaar.

RSS feeds

It a popular way of making people read your blog via RSS. Ad providers are keen to publish in RSS. The success rate here is high. Ad sense also offers RSS ads to its publishers. One best tool used by all is Feed burner. It helps in monetizing your own feeds. They have 3 categories Ad sense option, Amazon affiliated programand also Ad network. Pheedo is also another RSS feeder you might want to try out.

Indirect ways


There are many bloggers who are now looking for their own advertisers. When your blogs get bigger in profile you will get to know more just private options. You should target advertiser who gives out similar products related to your blogs. You should mention your readers that the content is sponsored. You can offer banner ads, text links and hence forth for your blogs.

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