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Searching for good job can be challenging as well as frustrating these days. In fact finding good employee with proper knowledge for job vacancy can be tough too. Who would not like to earn some extra cash from home, while spending time with family? Finding the right legitimate online job can be tough. Every job online is not genuine. So if you are tired of finding genuine home based jobs, let me guide with this article.

An online job portal is a platform to search for your desired job. It is also for those who are struggling to earn money online. Earning quick cash is not difficult if you are creative and confident with your skills. There are some basic things you need to remember before you kick start your job. You need to make proper schedule and manage time, have a fast PC connection, and lastly be active online.

Date Entry Work

Genuine online job portals are usually free. There is no Investment required. Sites like fanslaves.com, kolotibablo, and protyper provides various home based online jobs, where you can earn money fast. It is up to you to decide if the job is matching your skills. You can work as a freelance article writer, blog writer, data entry specialist, captchas typist and many more. Kolotibablo pays people for typing in Captchas. Captcha entry online jobs can earn $1.5 dollar per hour per 1000 captchas. In fact if you are dedicated to you work you can earn $5 to $10 dollars approximately per day just by spending 3 hours in front of your PC.


Protypers.com also provide jobs but of data entry work. It is ideal for students, home makers and people who want a second job for extra earning. If you can type in 30 words within a minute you are good for this job. The faster you type the more you earn. A person with good typing speed can earn about 100$ to 250$ each month the rates starts from anywhere $0.50 cents to $1.25 for 1000 words typed. The payment is done through bank account, Paypal, debit card, and many more.


Online job portal fanslave.com allows you to make money through face book pages. After registration you can flip through the pages of fan slave network, and each like would make you earn credit. In fact just by referring the page to your friends can make you earn some credit.

Beside these no investment, easy earning sites, if you are creative and love writing articles, while sipping on hot coffee then blog writing would be the ultimate job for you. You can write about various things, but writing should be continuous to gain traffic. If your blog is interesting and catchy, people will return back, and this will make you earn some bucks. But again it is a very slow process and requires a lot of patience.

Hope this article has enlightened you with your struggle to find jobs online. Before you check for jobs do read their details properly and clarify your doubt. Dedication and patience is all you need for your work to grow.

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