How to Make Money Online By Clicking Ads


It is very easy to make money online by clicking ads without any investment through various PTC or paid to click sites which can be a great source of income.

Various PTC Sites Where You Can Earn Money

In current scenario, it is very much easy to make money online if you go the right place. Everyone’s in this world has a desire to earn some extra money so that he or she can live his or her life happily and can avail a prosperous and healthy life.

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Internet is the great source of earning cash and there you can find numerous ways of earning money. One of the great sources of earning money through internet is by clicking on various ads which you can get on various websites. There are lots of websites you can get which will offer you this type of earning. Therefore, let’s have a look on various websites those are offering you to make cash by just clicking on ads on their websites.

10 Bux

10 Bux is one of the most popular website where you can earn a reasonable amount of money just clicking on some ads at their website. You merely have to click a link and visit a website for thirty seconds to earn cash. Two biggest advantages of those types of jobs which websites like 10 Bux offering you are-

  • You can earn money from your home. You don’t have to go elsewhere for earning money
  • You don’t have to invest anything for this purpose. Thus everyone who has a computer and internet connection can easily avail this facility

Thus at, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites which is a great way of earning money.


Clixsense is also a very much popular PTC sites that are a great source of earning money through internet. If you register for clixsense then you can get numerous benefits which make this website different than other PTC sites-

  • There is a browser toolbar of clixsense where you will able to get notifications about the new ads
  • Here you can earn up to $0.02 per PTC ad click which is a great source of make money online.
  • You can also earn through referral clicks
  • You can also participate in various weekly contests and can earn some extra cash.


Another website viewbestads is also can be a good source of income by clicking ads which is also gain a good amount of popularity in the web world.

Revenue Workers

Revenue Workers is also very much useful for the people who want to earn lots of money through internet in order to get the financial freedom. There are numerous benefits you can get if you registered for revenue workers-

  • The biggest advantage is you can work from home, office, colleges at your own convenient timing.
  • You will able to get regular job updates
  • You will able to see your job status for 24 hours

Thus we can say that revue workers is a very much useful site for clicking ads jobs which is very much reliable too. is an also can be a very good paid to click website where you can earn money by clicking on advertisement.


Internet can be the great source of earning money and there you can find numerous ways of earning money. One of the great sources of make money online is clicking on various ads which you can get on various websites.

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