Tips to Increase Your Web Page Loading Speed


Blogging is a very much popular activity in the today’s internet marketing strategy. But it is essential to reduce the loading time of a blog to attract more web traffic.

Tips to reduce blog loading time

Blogging is a very common thing and very much popular also which is now used by almost every internet savvy people. But there is a problem which is facing by many people that the loading time of the blog. Sometimes it brings irritations amongst the readers and they leave the blog. By this you will lose your readers and also increase your bounce rate of blog. Thus you have to implement some business strategy to handle with this problem by reducing blog loading time. Below there are some useful tips of how to reduce the loading time of a blog.

Use Read More Link

Set read more link instead of displaying full post on home page. It is advisable to add a read more link to summarize the blog post to increase traffic and get the better earnings from your blog.

Link all images from blogger

  • Open new post
  • Upload images in those post what you want to upload images to your next or current posts. Now don’t publish it. Just save it in draft.
  • Whenever you need images to your post , get image url using “html editor” and publish from draft image.

Optimizing the size of image

If the image of your blog and website take lots of spaces at your blog then there is a change for taking more time to loading the blog. Thus there is advisable to take help of some picture editor tools to optimize the size of the image. Below there are some external picture editors which is very much useful-

  • JPEG and PNG Stripper
  • Using Online Image Optimizer is also a great internet marketing strategy
  • is also a great tool
  • SuperGIF

If you are using 700 X 700 pixels size image for 400 X 400 to your post means, edit that image size in mspaint , photoshop or any other online image editing tools.

Always use image .PNG, .GIF type images instead of .JPEG, .JPG. This will reduce your page load time.

Avoid too much JavaScript

It will be better to do not implement too many JavaScript as it may increase the loading time of the blog. Hence, to attract more web traffic it will be better to use the JavaScript very much wisely.

Limited Widgets

Widgets are very much important for a blog. However, sometimes it may cause some problem and the loading time of your blog may increase due to some widgets. Thus, it will be good to use

  • Avoid pop-up widgets
  • Do not implement too much social media widgets
  • Use only necessary widgets

By limiting the uses of widgets you can able to reduce the loading time of the blog and your blogging experience will be very much delightful.

Limited Advertisement

It is advisable to reduce advertisement during blogging in the respective blog. Advertisement is coded with JavaScript and this will enhance pressure on the blog.


Those above are some significant tips are required to be followed in the blog for better promotion of it. These tips are considered as best internet marketing strategy for blogging.

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