How to Analyse a Keyword for Your Website


Now in this arena of technology we all want to develop website based on guidelines of search engine optimization so that your website can be ranked at the highest rank by using right keyword.

Finding Right Keyword

To develop our website we need to place right keyword at the right place so that making higher ranking of websites can be done easily. Here contain various processes to improve the user count of our website. From various sources, we can get the exact knowledge about frequently used keywords and we can make use of best keywords for our websites.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is one of the best tool to analyse keyword to your websites and seo.


Proper Selection of Keywords

When we are in developing of our own website, we need to follow the process to give our website a good rank in various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

  • Follow the guidelines as per SEO techniques
  • Find mostly searched keywords

We should know one thing very clearly that to develop website proper keyword is the most important tool to rank your website within a few months and increase your market circle.

Mostly Used Keywords

Before we go into process of development of our website, we must follow the following ways.

  • Get knowledge about mostly used keywords from friends or relatives.
  • Search the keywords at Google, which can be the right keyword for the website.
  • Searching can be done also by using Google wonder Wheel.
  • Get the mostly visited keyword by clicking on the related search cycle.

Always Choose Relevant Keyword

By relevant keyword, we mean that we must place or use keywords, which will produce the exact meaning of our website. That means as per search engine optimization, keyword should exhibit the exact work of website. Relevancy is must for every keyword. We should not use any word as keyword, which will not give fruitful result in the case of marketing of websites.

Finding the Best Keyword

There will be list of keywords from which we need to find the best one for our website.

  • First, to select mostly used keywords from search engines.
  • Need to follow the appropriate number of competition and searches.
  • Checking the relevancy, popularity and competition of various keywords.

Here we require dividing the monthly searches to the number of pages indexed to get right keyword for our website.

Need to Break Keywords

This is a little bit complex point in the area of develop website, as it is hard to use all keywords in just one page. There require optimizing each pages with two to three right keyword so that there will be 100% relevancy with that page.


Here in the conclusion we can say that we can rank our website in various search engines by using proper technique of search engine optimization so that we can develop our business by searching best keywords and placing them properly in our website so that customers or ultimate users can find our website at the top of the search engine.

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