5 Black Hat Seo Techniques You Should Avoid

SEO BlackHat

SEO might be characterized in two methods. One is ethical SEO practices that areWhite Hat SEO and an alternate is dishonest SEO practices that are Black Hat SEO

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Some Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO is an unethical or notorious Search engine optimization practices to manipulate or deceive the SERPs of major search engines. In early days some practitioners who practices with black hat techniques had earns lots of cash to use these black hat techniques. Thanks to Google Penguin updates, due to it the harmful black hat techniques itself on danger.


Cloaking is search engine optimization technique, which consider as black, hat wherever a webmaster presents completely different content or urls to the visitors and Search engines. This could be unreadable to humans. It is an unethical practice

  • To deceive the search engines.
  • It can also be used to fool visitors to visit a site which is different from its search engine description.

Thus, it is an unethical SEO practice, which must be avoided by a webmaster or website owner to get good rankings in search engine.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are a set of poor quality page which is designed specifically for particular phrases to deceive the search engines. Normally doorway pages are created by a webmaster or website owner for the spamdexing purposes. Through doorway pages a website redirects its visitors to another site which they don’t select. A doorway page has also several nicknames. Those are- gateway pages, portal pages, jump pages, entry pages, bridge pages and by other names. It can be used in various ways

  • It implements by a website owner mainly to manipulate the relevancy or prominence of resources indexed by a search engine.
  • This can be done by inserting results for specific pages with the intention of causation the guests to a unique page by using this black hat SEO technique.
  • we regularly stumble upon pages whereas browsing the web that simply says nothing however “Click Here to Enter”
  • Webmasters also are acknowledged to submit a page, and so swap it on the server with the “actual” page once a decent page rank position is achieved. This can be a dangerous observe referred to as “code swapping” and may end in penalties.

Linking to dangerous Neighborhoods

Ensure you merely link to sensible Neighborhoods. Do not link to sites that spam or use any style of Black Hat SEO. This will sure as shooting backfire on you.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing is a black hat seo technique which refers to putting an excessive number of keywords in Meta tag sections or contents of a web page to get higher rankings in search engines. It is must avoidable because

  • Keyword stuffing creates link spam.
  • Keyword stuffing results to content duplication
  • Google can be banned your site if you are using this technique.

It is a backdated technique and now considered as a black hat and you must adopt white hat SEO to get a better result.

Link farming

Link farming is an unethical SEO practice where a webmaster set up a website for the purpose of increase the link popularity of other irrelevant sites by increasing the number of incoming links.


Thus if you would like to stay your on-line presence alive in search engines particularly in Google you want to have to be compelled to opt for White hat SEO service. If a webmasters or website owner get caught that he or she victimizationblack hat techniques to control SERP, Google are going to ban their web site for victimization unethical techniques. Google will disqualify their sites from searches. If you choose Black hat then terribly sooner your web site can be prohibited.

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