How to Analyze Your SEO Competitors Websites


Are you planning to invest in SEO strategies to promote your business or campaign? It is impossible to generate good traffic without hiring someone for SEO strategies. Before you bounce into your program you should learn about your online competitor and their marketing strategies.

Analyzing your competitor website for SEO will help you in identifying your strength and weakness and help you in implementing tactics. There can be times when you feel frustrated for not getting success with search engines. The reason can be tough competition or something going wrong. Even if you are not looking for any competition, monitoring your competitor’s success or failure will help you win.

Analyze Competitor Website

The analysis of a competitor’s website for SEO should be of 4 categories.

  • Site design.
  • Keyword usage
  • Links
  • Social Network

Analyze Competitors website design

Analyzing is evaluating and reviewing a website, of various companies that are in competition, directly or indirectly against your keyword. Once you have listed your competitors, the next thing you should do is, visit their site, and analyze it.

The benefit for online competitor has is that they can get information about the company’s marketing policies easily. And for this the opportunity increase to benefit from analysis data. You should also look for quality of their content, how the site is designed. Basic inspection of the website can enlighten you with information about your competitor’s website, and why search engine loves them.

Competitors Keywords

Keyword is the vital thing for SEO success. This is the reason why competitors pay most attention in using the keywords properly, as it can help in pulling traffic and rank well in search engines. But it can be tough to analyze the keyword your competitors are using. It can be little confusing too .If you are not sure, try checking it with your websites keywords. Also Read: How to Analyse a Keyword for Website

There are many website suggesting keyword tools online as alternative to check for keywords .This can also help you in finding many useful keywords which you might have missed .

Google keyword tool to search for keywords for your page can also be a great way in optimizing your site. Suggestion from the tool and help you in selecting word of high volume with less competition. Also check for keyword density and the location. In other words how many time the competitors have used the keywords and where they have placed it, i.e heading, URL, subheads and henceforth.

Analyze Back Links

Backlinks is also very much important in ranking a website. You can analyze the link of the competitors. Look for their anchor text, numbers, press release, origin henceforth to get clues. This can also help in illumination of back link ideas for your sites. There are many link building and guiding tool for assistance online, where you can find out which website has gained the most high volume keywords, anchor text of inbound links.

Competitors Social Media Participation

Social networking sites, pulls lot of traffic this can help you in checking how your competitors are doing in promoting their business. Check their post to see their popularity. Facebook and twitter are two most popular social networking sites where you can get huge traffic and view competitors profile only after sending friend request. If there profile is open to public, you work will get much easier. Also Read: Social Media Boost Your Blog Search Engine Rankings

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