Ways to Make Money Online by Facebook Fan Page

Facebook = Money

The use of Facebook fan page is the easiest way to make money online from home. The use of Facebook fan page is almost becoming the same thing as using blogs.

Create Facebook Fan page

First of all you need to have create a Facebook account and then create a fan page of your own. If you can make just one penny from every six Facebook users then you will make over a million dollars. Although it is somewhat difficult to sell directly to Facebook fans. There are many ways by which they can interact with your page that can end up adding value and profit for you.
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Earning Tips

Custom Landing Page

There are two ways for creating custom pages or “tabs” on Facebook fan pages. First one is FBML. FBML stands for Facebook Mark-Up Language and is actually created with the Static FBML application after you add it to your page. Second is the all new frame applications. Although this is a little more complex-ed.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is like any other online shopping site but it is for Facebook. You can use Marketplace to buy or sell and rent almost anything you want. Using marketplace you can also search for jobs and there are currently about 625,000 jobs listed.

Important Content

The content contains one of the important roles of the Facebook page. You have to make an impression to your fan by adding some unique and important content. So you have to provide some important values through status updates or shared links or emails or blog posts etc.
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Profile Image

This is another tip that usually used. Only the best marketers on Facebook have figured out how to use even their profile image to get the attention of their fan page. You can point out to users to specific custom tabs that you have created that may have special offers or use a pretty arrow to ask non-fans to “like” your page by pointing to the like button. Whenever you decide to go make sure to use your profile image to tell your fans what you’d like them to do next.

Strategically Placed Page Thumbnails

Facebook has recently given page owners the ability to have image thumbnails at the top of their fan pages. Again, there are multiple ways to use this. You can add images of “Top Fans” and combine their picture with a testimonial and a link to your page. You could also use the thumbnails to feature different products that you are currently selling.

Make Money With Facebook Landing Pages

By creating a landing page that lives as an app within your business’s Facebook Page your brand’s Page is transformed into a monetizable online hub. To design your own landing page within Facebook you need coding skill and Facebook platform- compliant servers to store data like email addresses that your landing page will collect. The simplest option is to use a third-party app design tool where all the heavy lifting is done for you.


Facebook fan pages are an exceptional tool to achieve a number of business building goals. Once your page has been published create a long-term plan to maintain it by consistently adding valuable content and networking with users and fans and tracking results. Profits will automatically give you positive result from your dedicated efforts.

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