Top 6 SEO Tips to Your Blog 2017

SEO Tips
Search engine optimization is very important to make your blog successful. In this New Year I had suggested you to top seo tips what you change in your blog. Happy New Year!

Content is King

Post good quality contents on your blog. Keep your blog audience and reduce the bounce rate of your blog or website. Post original contents, don’t copy contents from anyplace on web. This is increase your site reliability.

On page:

On page is main process to create your blog successful and this will introduce your blog to more and more readers by search results. Complete all on page factors using tricks.

Keyword in Post URL

Don’t forget to change the permalink whenever you publish your content. If there is no keyword in the link means insert first. WordPress and Blogger assume post URL as the post title. If you don’t see the keyword in the URL as in the post title, you have to modify the permalink.

Optimize Your Blog Images

Decrease the Size of images which have additional to your blog. Reduce image size only. Don’t compromise its quality anyway. It helps to decrease the loading time of your blog or website. Google Site rank is included with the site speed. If your blog’s loading speed is high your blog will get a hold good search results.

Link Building

Build links using 0ff page techniques to increase your outbound links. There are lot of techniques to get backlinks like social bookmarking, blog comments, directory submission, etc. You need to know how to start link building first.

Social Signals

Make profile on all the social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. Share all which you have posted in your blog to all the social accounts. Make sure that you put your domain correctly. Social sites really give traffic for you.
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